The Paperwork


Short-listed.  One step closer to the dream!

I was super excited because, FINALLY after months of waiting, Etihad was coming to South Africa.  Sure, I had to fly across the country to get to Cape Town (I’m from Johannesburg) but I knew it will be well worth it.  I could not wait.

The first thing I did, was book my spot for the Assessment Day.  This was tricky in itself and it took me a while to figure it out, haha.

  1. You need to log into your Etihad Careers page, then go click on the position you applied for.  That will be the one you are invited to.
  2. On the left hand side (beside the date) of your applications, will be a link that says “book interview” Click that.
  3. Then you will be directed to a page where you can choose the country and city where you want to book your spot at the assessment day.  Look for your city.  They are not alphabetic, so make sure you look carefully. If your city isn’t there, you can either check back regularly and wait for Etihad to have an AD in your city OR you can book an AD spot in another city.  They wont cover any costs for your travels to other cities, so it is completely up to you.
  4. Once you have chosen your city, it’ll take you to a page with a long list of “slots”.  Click on one of those and follow the prompts thereafter.  If there are no available slots open, then you have to wait for another date.  So be quick, and check regularly.
  5. Then you will get another Email that confirms your AD interview date and time, if you don’t get this email, you haven’t booked the slot.  The email is important!

On the AD invite email, you would have received a list of things to bring with you.  Also known as the massive amount of paperwork. Print out a checklist of these things, and make double sure you have everything.  This is already a test of whether you have the ability to follow instructions.  This is what you need to bring:

  • Your numerical online Application ID.
  • Your ORIGINAL passport or National ID card.
  • FIVE color copies of your passport.  It HAS to be in COLOR!!  (If you have UAE residence, add copies of that on separate pages)
  • One updated copy of your CV.
  • Copies of your latest certificates, educational and work experience.
  • Two work related service letters. (Look at the picture of mine.) They are VERY particular about how this needs to be done.  It absolutely HAS to be on an official company letterhead, it must include your full name, the dates of employment (example 01/Jan/2011 – 30/May/2012 OR present), the company’s address and telephone numbers and email address and the employer’s full name and signature. Then it MUST have the company’s stamp OR business card.  If your company doesn’t have either, you need to choose a different company.  I couldn’t use my current employer, because I was a private Au Pair.
  • All the attached documents.  This includes the Introductory Statement (DON’T FILL IT IN, ONLY PRINT AND TAKE IT WITH TO AD), the Pre-Employment Medical Declaration Form (you can fill it in so long, make sure to sign and date everything and DON’T LIE, otherwise they will send you back when you do your medicals in Abu Dhabi), the Registration Form (fill it in, sign and date it, again, don’t lie).  If there is anything you don’t know how to fill in, leave it blank and ask the recruiters to help you ONCE YOU HAVE MADE IT TO FINAL INTERVIEW.
  • Four passport size pictures (I took eight just to be safe). They HAVE to be taken with a super white background.  They told us on AD that the pictures background need to match the white of the forms.  And you will need to go find a place to take new pictures if they are wrong, cause you can’t send them to them, unless you snail mail them.
  • One full length picture in business attire.  Also with white background.

Once you have all your forms printed filled in and sorted out, get yourself a folder to keep them neat and away from potential harm. Pack a  professional bag with pens and a stapler, extras like stockings, make-up, a hair brush, a small mirror, breath mints, a snack and some water/juice.  Make sure you know where the AD will be held, and plan your day. How you will get there and back etc.

I was actually quite happy that my AD was so far away from home, because I knew that I needed to make triple sure I have everything ready, cause I couldn’t just quickly make a plan.  Being prepared is important, they will notice if you have no idea what they are talking about, so make sure you know.

GOOD LUCK!  And relax! 😉


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