Dressing And Grooming

How To Dress and Groom

The first thing that the recruiters will notice about you is how you look.  And as we all know, first impressions are what counts the most at your Open Day and Assessment Day.

Your invite will say to dress in BUSINESS ATTIRE.  You are trying to look as neat and professional as you possibly could.  Think about how lawyers look, or any other corporate-type look, and aim for that. Be Cabin Crew.  They are always immaculate.  The recruiters will be able to imagine you as Cabin Crew if they see you look like Cabin Crew.  Jeans, T-shirts, mini-skirts, boob-tube tops, fishnet stockings and hair all over the place does NOT count as business attire.

  •  For Ladies, this means wearing a skirt with a matching jacket and a blouse, stockings matching your skin color and matching closed-toed heels.
  • For Men, this means a matching suit with a collared shirt and matching tie and shoes.

Grooming is equally important, even if you dress like a lawyer, nobody is going to take you seriously if you wear your hair and make-up like a punk-rocker.

  • For Ladies, this means wear your hair up and out of your face, either in a neat ponytail or in a bun, try keep the color as natural as possible (one color is always best).  Try not to look like a cow licked your hair into place, have a natural look.  Wear light make-up, make sure your foundation matches your skin tone and don’t go too smokey on the eyes.  Wear a light powder, some natural blush, mascara and ALWAYS wear that beautiful red lipstick.  If you recon you look weird with red, rather go for a more natural lip, but you have to wear something. Nails should be manicured and painted either in a natural color or french.
  • For men, this means properly shaved, no stubble.  Hair must be a neat length and a single, natural color.  If you think you need to enhance your look, wear a good foundation and some powder. Nails must be cut neatly and look healthy. The better you look, the happier you’ll be.

Here are some examples and a tutorial I used:

Flight Attendant Hair & Make-up Tutorial



Remember, you’re being interviewed by people who look like THIS on a daily basis:



Practice your grooming before you go and ask people how you look and if you should change anything.  Smell good.  Don’t smell like the inside of a perfume store, smell good, fresh and clean.  And lastly, wear your SMILE like it’s a part of your suit.


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